[Member] Vili Mujkanovic - Fury Warrior

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[Member] Vili Mujkanovic - Fury Warrior

Post by Application » Mon Jul 30, 2018 18:23

Character information: Vili Mujkanovic

Comments on your build:
Yes i will change my talents if it needs to.

Why do you want to join Prophecy?
My friend xartia told me to apply for the Guild in the upcoming expansion

Previous/current guild and reasons for leaving it:
i have only been in social Guilds before

Previous raid experience:
have poor raiding skills, but would like to improve it.

Additional raid experience on other characters
old character that has been deleted during cata.

Have you applied to any guilds other than Prophecy?

What times are you available?
don't know beacuse of i work differend scheduels

What do you bring to raids?
Happiness and a good laugh

Your system
yes on both

Referred by: Xartia, Xeru, naampi

Age: 22
Gender: Male
Location: ??rebro
Hobbies: Painting Toys

Additional information: A very Close friend to Naampi and Xartia

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