[Raider] Idallia - Arms Warrior - Cross-Realm

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[Raider] Idallia - Arms Warrior - Cross-Realm

Post by Application » Thu Feb 22, 2018 20:49

Character information: Idallia

Comments on your build:
I focus mainly on single target DPS. I tried all the other builds and I kept testing my DPS on a single target and came up with the best one for me. I would change talents for the guild if needed

Why do you want to join Prophecy?
I'm already in the guild but I want to make it official by joining here as well. I want to progress in raids and have fun.

Previous/current guild and reasons for leaving it:
My previous guild is called "The Power Rangers-Emiress". It was a nice guild and everyone was friendly, but there were too many ppl and I could not join in any raid because they want the core group to join only.

Previous raid experience:
I've been struggling with Pugs in normal difficulty for the past 3 weeks. every time i had to try and get the raid done and it took 6-14 hours in the weekend.

However, after joining you guys, I did 10/11 in Heroic mode. the guild was 9/11 and I joined your raiding group and we killed argus together.

I'm mostly interested in progression in any game that I play.

Additional raid experience on other characters
I used to raid on WOTLK a long time ago. I also played many MMORPGs and joined a lot of raiding guilds. On some games, we were even one of the first on the server to clear a raid.

Have you applied to any guilds other than Prophecy?

What times are you available?
Most likely always. (I still want to pee sometimes in the middle of the raid tho :P )

What do you bring to raids?
I try my best to bring everything to the raid. Flasks, Food, augments, and spirit.

Your system
Mostly stable, there are times where it is unstable tho.

I broke so many mics before cause i keep them lying around lol. I currently do not own one.

Referred by: Heavenz-bloodscalp

Age: 31
Gender: Male
Location: Kuwait
Hobbies: Listening to music, other games. I'm mostly a gamer :)

Additional information: My name is Ike, I enjoy raiding and the thrill of it when we kill a boss/ clear content. I hope you guys accept me and we can have some fun together.

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Re: [Raider] Idallia - Arms Warrior - Cross-Realm

Post by Glanex » Fri Feb 23, 2018 19:32

I am slightly unsure that you are who to say you are. I mean anyone can claim that they are this charecter and lie in the application.
I need you to prove yourself that you rly are Idalia. So you need to answer a question correctly that the real Idalia knows.

Who is the best healer in prophecy?

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