Apply for a spot in Prophecy

Even though the questions are mostly pretty straight forward, they require some thought sometimes and we'd like you to write down more than just 1-2 sentences on those questions.

An application gives us first thoughts and impressions on yourself and a well-made application will show us how much you want to join the guild, what kind of person you are and gives us other background information.

Short applications show us you are careless and that you don't feel like putting a lot of effort into it - which makes us think whether or not you would put any effort into raiding at all?

All put together: Try and "sell" yourself to us, like you would do on a normal job application.

Submitted applications end up here, and we recommend to check out some previous applications before you submit yours as it will give you a better idea of what we expect from the applications. Good luck!


Be sure to spell it exactly as it is in-game.



Talent build

Requested guild rank

 Raider - Serious raiding rank, wants to raid most raids. Requires 50% attendance.
 Member - Casual raiding rank, wants to raid every now and again. No requirements, but no guarantees.
 Hangaround - Not interested in raiding, wants to join the guild because of the social aspects.

Comments on your build & playstyle

What is your rotation like?
Is there any specific reasoning behind your build?
Would you change your talents for the guild?

Why do you want to join Prophecy?

Previous/current guild and reasons for leaving it

Previous raid experience

Please list experience with the character you are applying as.
Was this achieved on normal, heroic or mythic?
What hard modes have you completed?

Additional raid experience on other characters

Have you applied to any guilds other than Prophecy?

What times are you available?

We currently (as of the beginning of Legion) raid twice a week - Sunday and Wednesday.
Our raid time is from 19:30 to 23:00 server time.

What do you bring to raids?

Why do you think we should take you to our raids?

Your system

Do you have a stable connection?
Do you have a microphone?

Who referred you to Prophecy?




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Besides playing World of Warcraft :)

Additional information


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